Rates for therapy

The fee for our first session which includes the scoring and interpreting of standardized assessments is $150.

My standard fee per hour of therapy, thereafter, is $125.

Typically office-based and online therapy (teletherapy) sessions occur weekly for 60 minutes. Personalization and individualized treatment plans are important parts of my practice, and, with these principles in mind, it may be recommended by me or requested by families for sessions to occur more frequently or to last longer than the usual time allotted. In these situations, fees will be prorated accordingly. 

To best meet your family’s needs, early morning, evening, and weekend appointments are available. I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Unless otherwise specified, payment is expected at the time of our session.

On the topic of insurance, I have found that I am better able to meet the diverse needs of families when not having to fit the boxes designed by insurance companies. Through much consideration, I have decided not to accept insurance at this time. I’ve outlined below several of the benefits of seeking treatment and services outside of your insurance coverage.

Greater Privacy

Insurance companies require clinicians to diagnose their patients, and that diagnosis has the capacity to become a lifelong “pre-existing condition” on a person’s medical record despite the fact that mental health conditions are typically short-term in nature, and often go away or reduce in severity after effective treatment.  This can be especially worrisome for children.

Greater Specialization

If you're looking for services for your little one, you already know that you're looking for someone who has a particular set of skills and knowledge. While there may be many clinicians who work with children, my highly specialized and extensive training that allows me to complete this work in a shorter time-frame than other clinicians without the same level of training and experience. Treatment with a specialized provider may actually cost less time and money than an in-network provider.

Greater Personalization

Insurance companies create boxes and expect children, families, and treatment to fit into them. By completing my work without the influence of insurance companies, I am able to provide greater personalization in my clients' care including where treatment happens (e.g., online, in your home, in the community), how frequently sessions happen, and the duration of each session conducted.

If you are covered by an insurance plan, your Out-of-Network benefits may cover part or all of the cost. If you do have out-of-network benefits, I will supply you monthly with completed forms that have all the information necessary to file your claim yourself. I can also provide you with receipts for a flexible spending health-care account.

I am always available for questions about fees, insurance, and billing.