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Click through below to find out more about how I can help with any and all of your concerns

Behavioral Problems

Does your child have tantrums? Do they seem to happen more often than other children? And last longer? Does your child hit, bite, scream, throw things? Do you find yourself needing to repeat yourself over and over to get your child to listen? Has your child been described as “strong-willed”? Behavioral problems in children are common and there are interventions and strategies that can help.

Anxiety & Trauma

Anxiety is the most common mental health diagnosis among children. Many children have some fears and there are even fears that are developmentally appropriate and expected. When something scary or traumatic happens and a child’s anxiety gets in the way of their typical development, intervention can help ensure that they can return to their kid jobs of learning, growing, and playing.

The Carmack Model

Sometimes your concerns dont seem to fit into a box but you’d still like parenting tips, advice and guidance. Because your little one didnt come with a guidebook, let me walk with you on your parenting journey to offer support and to support your child’s mental health.

School Support

Does your child struggle in a school or classroom environment? If you need help navigating the school system including the formal evaluation process, creating an IEP, or coordinating with teachers, I can help.

Parenting Classes

Maybe you dont feel like you need individual parenting support but you’d like to learn some new tools for your toolbox or meet other parents who are trying to learn new things. Participating in a parenting class is a great option.

For Professionals

I provide supervision, consultation, and trainings to other professionals in the mental health field.

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