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Wouldn't it be great if an expert could come into your home, take a look at how things are going, and offer individualized suggestions and guidance?


Or what if someone could come in and develop and help you implement a morning routine or a bedtime routine?


That is absolutely possible!

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In-home assessment and observation

Multi-hour assessment and observation of your family in action.

If you truly feel out of control and dont know where to start, I can come in to your home and see first-hand what it's like:

  • in the morning when you're trying to get your little one up and out the door for school but they're dawdling

  • after school when you're trying to survive "the witching hour" and they're refusing to do anything you say

  • in the evening when you dread mealtime because of sibling squabbles and awful table manners

  • or at night when it takes hours to get your kid to sleep


Personalized routines, schedules, and charts

Picture schedules and reward charts created specifically for your family and your child.

Following the assessment and observation period, I will make recommendations regarding how to help you achieve a home life and interactions with your child that feel better. These might include:

  • creating more structure using a routine and picture schedule,

  • establishing clear incentives and consequences using customized charts for your child 

  • writing scripts for you to use with your child to take the guesswork and improve out of parenting

Public behavior coaching child in grocer

In-the-moment coaching at home and in the community

Live coaching to support you in implementing these new tools in the moment.

If we're targeting the morning routine then I might come over several mornings in a row or several mornings one week to help you implement and stick to your new routine and plan, ensuring the most success and the least stress possible. If your child has most of their trouble in public or riding in the car then coaching can occur in these settings too. In-the-moment coaching allows for maximum support as we work together through the curve-balls your kiddo will throw at us and allows for even further personalization of your parenting plan.

Supernanny services can be billed as a package to tackle a particular issue when appropriate. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see what's possible for your family and your sanity!

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